Win7 Theme Converter

     When Windows 7 first came out the first major feature I noticed was that all the controls for a theme were put into one place making it easier to make custom theme. I then got the idea to turn a windows 98 theme into a windows 7 theme. I at first did this conversion by hand but found it to be rather time consuming. Then I got the Idea to write a program which does this process for me automatically. The result of this is Win7 Theme Converter.

The readme is available Here.

This program can be downloaded Here.

Win7 Theme Architect

ScreenShot of win7 Theme Architect

     Win7 Architect is going to be a program which can convert windows 98 themes to windows 7. It will also give the user the ability to customize the theme and apply any of the installed themes on the system. This program is still in developement.

- Development is currently on hold.

Z098 Backup

ScreenShot of Z098 Backup

     Z098 Backup is comprehensive backup program.

A Beta version is currently available.


The read me is currently unavailable.

This program can be downloaded Here.